What is a Divorce Coach?

What is a Divorce Coach Do I need one Heidi Dinning Certified Divorce Coaching

Divorce is one of life’s most traumatic events.

loaded with so much change, that it can be paralyzing. Divorces impact everything in your life, causing major upset that affects both you, and those in your circle. Until recently, couples have relied solely on the legal system to work through these issues. But, those who have experienced the abyss of separation and divorce know that there are gaps in the process, outside of legal decisions and therapy.

Enter the Divorce Coach.

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What is a Divorce Coach?

A certified divorce coach is a professional who guides and supports individuals through the process of divorce. They are typically trained in fields such as psychology, counselling, or social work and have additional specialized training in the complexities of divorce.

Divorce Coaches can vary widely depending on the needs of the client, but some common responsibilities include:

  1. Emotional Support: Divorce coaches helps manage the emotional stress of divorce, providing a safe space for their clients to express feelings and fears.
  2. Navigating the Process: Divorce coaches can help individuals understand and navigate the legal and logistical aspects of divorce, though they do not provide legal advice.
  3. Communication: They may provide strategies for communicating effectively with a soon-to-be ex-spouse, particularly when discussions become heated or contentious.
  4. Co-Parenting Guidance: For divorcing couples with children, divorce coaches can offer advice on how to handle co-parenting issues and work towards creating a stable post-divorce environment for the children.
  5. Goal Setting: Divorce coaches can assist in setting realistic expectations and goals for life during and after the divorce, including financial planning and future relationship considerations.
  6. Resource Referral: They can direct individuals to necessary resources, such as attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, or therapists, as needed.

In essence, divorce coaches provide a supportive and guiding role during a difficult time, helping individuals to make informed decisions and build a stable future post-divorce.

What is Divorce Coaching?

When going through a divorce many people ask what is divorce coaching. They hear about it and wonder if it is something that they need, or if they would benefit from it. Similar to what was mentioned above divorce coaching is when a divorce coach like Heidi guides you through each step of the journey as you navigate the process.

How Can a Divorce Coach Help?

With the addition of a divorce coach on your side, you can navigate your emotions without waiting for a therapy appointment or relying on your friends and clearly develop an agreement and plan that reflects your individual goals and desired outcomes. Everyone’s opinions aside, you can see and think clearly about what is in front of you, and what your long term goals can be for life after divorce.

The American Bar Association describes divorce coaching as a “flexible goal-oriented design, where clients are supported, guided and motivated to make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their personal needs interests and concerns.”

What Does a Divorce Coach Help Manage?

Divorce coaches also help each client manage their feeling and emotions so they can wholeheartedly participate in the process as a client who is seen and understood. Clients working with a divorce coach have shown greater self-awareness and direct themselves to show up as their best self for all stages of the divorce – before, during and post-divorce.

Divorce coaches see themselves as part of the divorce team. They do not give legal advice or therapeutic counselling. They are present as a guide, a thinking partner, processing, identifying and moving through each of the stages of divorce alongside the client. A coach helps a client gain clarity and take thoughtful action.

A divorce coach is also a support, available when clients need it the most, those acute moments where you just need to talk to someone, take one step or make a parenting decision, you can rely on your divorce coach to be there for you so you don’t have to wait.

Through this type of coaching, a client can truly create a roadmap for their path toward, through and after divorce, working toward their desired outcomes for the future.

What Does Working with a Divorce Coach Look Like?

When working with a divorce coach, many clients find a new voice, get clear about priorities, feel connected to someone who gets it, but isn’t draining a family member or friend. Clients claim gaining personal confidence to handle the challenges and the courage to step out of their comfort zone. Clients face the transition to their new normal with greater clarity and confidence, having made thoughtful decisions throughout the process.

There are so many layers and so many players in divorce. Choosing the right path for your divorce can be a well though process with your divorce coach. You may have no idea where to even start to look for a lawyer, or how to choose the right one for you. Your divorce coach can be your thinking partner to help you connect with the lawyer that resonates with you. You may want to go the collaborative route, or work with a mediator. A divorce coach can look at all the options with you, and help you make the right decision on experts and process.

As someone who has experienced a high conflict divorce with small children, I really wished I had a divorce coach by my side to help me through those really dark moments, to support me to create the life I wanted, and to know when to put up my boundaries. it would have helped me see that I was merely surviving, not planning or thriving.

If you or someone you know is experiencing divorce, and needs the support, suggest a divorce coach. They will walk beside you all along the way, ensuring you are supported to make the best possible decisions in the moment, and in the future.

How Does Divorce Coaching Work?

Divorce coaching is a specialized field aimed at guiding individuals through the challenges associated with divorce. The process typically starts with an initial assessment where I learn about your situation, and begin to understand your unique challenges, fears, and objectives.


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If you or someone you know is facing separation or divorce and don’t know where to begin, that’s where I can help. I act as emotional support, thinking partner and guide for you, so you can retain your dignity, find clarity and feel hopeful for the future. To learn more, visit our certified divorce coaching page. 

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