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Supporting clients to navigate through all aspects of divorce and family change for healthy outcomes.

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Free Divorce Coaching Consultation

No matter where you are in the separation or divorce process we can navigate your next steps together. I offer a FREE consultation, where we can talk about where you’re at and how I can best help you. Click the link to schedule a call.

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Set the stage the right way for your kids to process your divorce
~ minimize impact & maximize connection

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A step-by-step guide developed in real time by coaching many families through this pivotal moment, setting the stage for re-shaping the family unit not breaking the family unit.

● Gain insight on what to say and NOT to say
● Develop an understanding of how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes parents make
● Curate scripts for your child’s age and stage
● Prepare yourself emotionally as a parent
● Navigate the aftershocks, questions, and next steps

How May I Help You?

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Angry? Scared? Want to make sure the kids are ok? I can help.

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Certified Divorce Coaching

Helping you look at your divorce with your eyes wide open, retain clarity, dignity and peace of mind.

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Recovery Coaching

Find your authentic through a strategic goal oriented approach and self discovery roadmap.

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Co-parenting Navigation

Working with your co-parent to ensure decisions and communications are made with the children’s best interests in mind.

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Relationship & Conflict Communications

Respond with clarity and ease, calming the situation not feeling the fire.

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Divorce Process Preparation

Helping you prepare emotionally and organizationally for upcoming meetings, mediation or proceedings.

find peace, clarity and confidence.

“Heidi is an exceptionally smart, empathetic person. She has truly lived her life, taken risks, and believes with all her heart that good change is possible. She is empowering, motivated, and tenacious. A beam of light in challenging times”

K.T. Calgary, AB

When my son was going through a terrible custody battle, Heidi would frame things in a way that would calm me down almost instantly.”

A.D. Calgary, AB

Certified Divorce Coach and Family Communications Expert

Heidi Dinning

It’s Heidi’s gift of human connection that sets her apart. She has a unique ability to identify with people almost instantly and an intimate desire to help them find their best path forward. Her true heart and clear mind in the moment are the reasons why clients love working with her.

Heidi also has a lifetime of lived experience with divorce, both from a child’s perspective when her parents divorced, and her own divorce ten years ago. She watched her parents unravel and then battled through a nuanced divorce herself, always feeling there was nowhere to turn in those moments where support was most needed. family and friends can only go so far. Where was the guide, the thinking partner, the person to walk beside you when you’re a shell of yourself? Heidi’s lived experience, created a fire within her to find a way to help others walking that bewildering, confusing, and difficult path. That’s what motivated her to become a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach and create a safe space for those in need.