Co-Parenting Communications

Co-parenting in divorce takes an immense amount of patience, learning, understanding and selflessness.  All of which does not come naturally in a divorce situation.  Heidi can support parents to communicate appropriately, set their new routine and family ecosystem with the children’s best interests in mind at all times.  

The quality of the co-parenting relationship will have a tremendous impact on the children, no matter what the age.  The children did not ask for this, so all aspects related to the children and parenting need to be approached with thoughtful consideration, care and communication, resulting in minimal impact.

There is no doubt that joint custody situations are absolutely exhausting, stressful and fraught with constant variables, but if you make plans right down to as much detail as you possibly can, the children will thrive.

Having both parents play an active role in the upbringing of the children will also have a positive impact (*unless the family has serious issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence or mental health issues).

As an expert in co-parenting communications coaching in families of divorce, Heidi can support you to:

  • Set and communicate healthy boundaries with your co-parent – when you call vs text, stopping by, your availability etc.
  • Have respectful conversations with your co-parent regarding a parenting situation or the children
  • Separate your feelings about your co-parent when parenting
  • Talk to your children about your co-parent without putting them down
  • Ease transitions between households with the children’s best interests in mind
  • How and when to have adult conversations so the kids aren’t caught in the middle
  • How to present proposals to your co-parent
  • Communicate appropriately with your children on your co-parent’s time
  • When to time and how to have a high stakes family discussion including age appropriate descriptions – what the children NEED to know and how to frame the conversation.

Ultimately, the kids need and thrive with a sense of love, safety and belonging.  The children can thrive in divorce and benefit in many ways – and Heidi can help you ensure they do.

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