Certified Divorce Coaching

Facing separation or divorce and don’t know where to begin? Paralyzed by the thought of what’s next? Scared for the kids? Blind sided?  Want a divorce but not sure how to approach?  Overwhelmed with preparation for the legal process? Thinking about a divorce coach?

If you can’t even imagine finding the beginning of all this when everything feels like it’s ending, Heidi can help.  It has been said if you’re facing divorce, “you need to call Heidi, she has seen it all”!  

Heidi can act as a, emotional support, thinking partner and guide for you, so you can retain your dignity, find clarity and feel hopeful for the future.  

Working with Heidi as your Certified Divorce Coach includes:

  • Providing you with emotional support so you can begin to look at your divorce with eyes wide open
  • Exploring options when making life changing decisions
  • Getting organized for the process
  • Acting as your thinking partner
  • Supporting you through acute situations with your family or former spouse
  • Guiding you to gain confidence and maintain it throughout the process
  • Identifying and selecting resources required
  • Avoiding the six biggest mistakes people make in divorce

What clients say

“Heidi asked me all the right questions at all the right times. She listened to my needs and knew how to lead me to my own best answers with grace, wit and camaraderie. She helped me tease out really clear next steps during each and every session, which felt amazing because at the beginning of my sessions, I always showed up feeling so overwhelmed. Nothing about working with her felt forced. She’s an easy, thoughtful, brilliant person and I can’t recommend her enough.”

– Jennifer Ciplet, Lafayette, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is divorce coaching? What is a Divorce Coach?

The American Bar Association defines divorce coaching as a “flexible goal oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their personal interests, needs and concerns.”

A certified divorce coach is someone who not only does the above, but has been trained and is certified by other divorce coaches.

Should I use a divorce coach?

Sometimes the process feels choppy, and it’s helpful to have a guide and a thinking partner to support you where you’re at and along the way. Making important decisions, especially during divorce negotiations can be difficult for anyone, but a coach can help.

The value of a becomes very apparent when you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, can’t make a decision or need to get organized legally and don’t even know where to start.

I’m feeling stuck in this separation and don’t know how to move forward.

Divorce coaches work to support you and to help you self-discover your way through and think about things with a fresh perspective, opening things up for progress all along the way. Clients have said they couldn’t imagine not working with a divorce coach and would probably still be stuck if they hadn’t engaged one.

What is Life Coaching Through Divorce?

Life coaching through a divorce is a form of support and guidance provided by a trained professional who gives life and divorce coaching to individuals who are going through the divorce process. The goal of a certified divorce coach is to help individuals navigate the emotional, practical, and logistical challenges of divorce, and to help them create a vision for their life beyond the end of their marriage.

Professional divorce coaching will help clients with a variety of issues, including coping with stress and emotional upheaval, managing finances, developing new coping skills, setting and achieving goals, and rebuilding self-esteem and confidence. They may also help clients create a plan for co-parenting or rebuilding relationships with family and friends.

I feel like I’ll be spending more money on this divorce adding a divorce coach to the mix. is this true?

Clients have repeatedly said that having a divorce coach supporting you to stay focused, organized and goal-oriented saved them both time and money in the long run.

Self-care is important, and most coaches will help you not only be action-oriented but also a coach can help you reach the finish line. You new life awaits, and a good divorce coach can help you get there.

What is the difference between a lawyer (Family Law) and a divorce coach?

Both the divorce coach and the lawyer are teammates on your divorce team. A divorce coach is there as a guide and thinking partner, ensuring you are setting goals, making clear decisions, and processing your emotions so that you are able to approach the legal process with clarity and organization. This makes everyone’s jobs much easier.

The legal system can be a minefield, but the professional experience of divorce coaches can help you avoid disaster. A certified divorce coach, like Heidi, is someone who has the training and knowledge to make sure you are moving forward and making the right decisions in this difficult time.

What is a CDC Divorce Coach

CDC divorce coach refers to a professional who is certified by the CDC Divorce Coaching, Inc. to provide guidance and support to individuals going through the divorce process.

A CDC divorce coach typically helps their clients navigate the various emotional, financial, and legal challenges that arise during divorce. They may offer assistance with communication skills, conflict resolution, decision-making, and goal-setting. Additionally, a CDC divorce coach may also provide referrals to other professionals, such as attorneys, financial planners, or therapists, as needed.

The CDC Divorce Coaching, Inc. is a training and certification program for divorce coaches, which aims to provide specialized divorce coach training and tools to help clients navigate the divorce process with less stress and greater confidence. By working with a CDC divorce coach, individuals going through a divorce can gain greater clarity, support, and guidance throughout the process.