Divorce Transition and Recovery Coaching

Divorce and the transition through a divorce isn’t an overnight sensation. It takes time, energy and a willingness to embrace change.  It requires patience and kindness toward yourself, as well as thoughtful understanding of what is required to truly transition to your new life. Sometimes that is very difficult to do alone.  

Working with a Divorce Recovery and Transition coach will help empower you to move through the transition of being married, feeling the stages of separation, divorce and then ultimately working towards coming out the other side with a new sense of self with a refreshed excitement for the next chapter.

Working with a Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach will help you:

  • Navigate the uncharted waters of going through a divorce both emotionally and logistically.
  • Continue to engage your thinking partner to sift through the questions swimming in your mind, regarding the future, the kids, career or life as a single person, 
  • Formulating and planning for the future including budget planning, where you’re going to live, career shifts or career births or rebirths
  • Setting realistic expectations and timelines for the journey and beyond
  • Finding new meaning by setting goals for the future
  • Developing a new self identity and embrace the journey of building your new life.