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Support for every stage

No matter where you are in the separation or divorce process we can navigate your next steps together. Going through a divorce can be an incredibly challenging and emotional journey. We understand that this transition can bring about a range of complex emotions and practical hurdles. Heidi is here to provide unwavering support and guidance throughout every step of the process.

With her expertise in emotional healing, legal navigation, and strategic planning, she is committed to helping you navigate this challenging time with resilience, clarity, and confidence. Together, we will empower you to make informed decisions, find your inner strength, and create a brighter future beyond divorce.

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Certified Divorce Coaching

If you do not know where to begin or you’re feeling very alone in the process, Heidi will help. As a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach, Heidi will walk beside you, act as a thinking partner so you may look at your divorce with eyes wide open, retaining clarity, dignity and peace of mind. Setting goals together, for you to make the best possible decisions for the future.

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Divorce Recovery Coaching - Heidi Dinning

Divorce Recovery Coaching

So, you’re divorced. What now? The unknown can be very exciting but also very paralyzing. As a CDC® Certified Divorce Recovery and Transition Coach, Heidi supports clients to redefine themselves and look at life with a fresh start in mind, through a strategic goal oriented approach and self discovery roadmap. This may look like finding your way as a single parent, resurrecting an old career, finding a new career or discovering yourself on a fresh path altogether. Heidi supports clients to find their way to a fresh and exciting new beginning.

Family and Relationship Communications - Heidi Dinning

Family & Relationship Communications

Clear communication and listening to learn are skills that take discovery and practice. Learn how to communicate your perspective without causing conflict but creating shared meaning and validation.
Communicating with family members or an ex while in conflict is almost near impossible. Heidi can help you discover effective tools for calming and acknowledging emotions, learning to respond to only what is important and staying focused on outcomes. Remember, you cannot change your co-parent, but you can certainly design a healthy approach to communication that works for you.

Co-Parenting Communications - Heidi Dinning

Co-Parenting Navigation

Parenting is hard, and it can become more challenging with divorced parents. But it doesn’t have to be. Heidi can help you create your co-parenting communication plans, and help you stick to them to allow space for the family to continue to thrive in the new situation. 

Children need love, safety and belonging along with the right approach. Heidi can support parents to keep the children’s best interests clear, without letting them get caught in the middle.

Building Your Blended Family - Heidi Dinning

Building Your Blended Family

As much as we all loved the Brady Bunch, blending a family is not as smooth and easy as they make it out to be. With the right tools, approach and timing, Heidi can support you to blend your family the right way, with all family members in mind. It takes a lot of love, kindness patience and definitely selflessness, but Heidi will help you get there.


The best thinking partner and emotional support so you can find clarity

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Angry? Scared? Want to make sure the kids are ok? I can help.

Retain clarity, dignity and peace of mind
Gain confidence and maintain it
Prepare for what’s to come

Heidi also has a lifetime of lived experience with divorce, both from a child’s perspective when her parents divorced, and her own divorce ten years ago


Heidi’s goal is to help clients create a roadmap for the ultimate life they have always dreamed of

Emotional Support

Heidi can act as an emotional support, thinking partner and guide for you, so you can retain your dignity, find clarity and feel hopeful for the future

Human Connection

Heidi has a unique ability to identify with people almost instantly and an intimate desire to help them find their best path forward

Uncover your best

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Heidi asked me all the right questions at all the right times. She listened to my needs and knew how to lead me to my own best answers with grace, wit and camaraderie. She helped me tease out really clear next steps during each and every session, which felt amazing because at the beginning of my sessions, I always showed up feeling so overwhelmed. Nothing about working with her felt forced. She’s an easy, thoughtful, brilliant person and I can’t recommend her enough.

Jennifer Ciplet, Lafayette, CO