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Books, podcasts, more books, self-care. It’s always so helpful to have resources on hand that you can refer to or utilize in the moment. Taking good care of yourself, learning as you go, and supporting yourself is so helpful during times of stress and transition. I’m happy to share an up-to-date list of all of my favourites curated through my experience, training and best practices.

Relationship | Divorce | Communication

Atlas of the heart - heidi dinning
Atlas of the Heart

Brene Brown

Becoming the narcissists nightmare - heidi dinning
Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare

Shahida Arabi

untying the knot - heidi dinning
Untying the Knot

Kelley Lavallie

how to do the work - heidi dinning
How To Do The Work

Dr. Nicole LePera

If books aren’t your thing, take a listen to these podcasts for helpful insights and information.

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