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This Is The Moment Of Truth

In this pivotal moment, pave the way for how your children will process the divorce.
Do you want to shape their long-term well-being or create collateral damage?

This Guide Is Your Ultimate Instruction Manual

“You’re not just ending a marriage; you’re reshaping a family.
Starting with the utmost care, love, and knowledge will pave the way for your children’s continued emotional safety and stability.”

Learn the Love, Safety & Belonging Method® and use it throughout your divorce process to support your kids.

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Heidi Dinning podcasts
Podcasts that Feature Heidi

Take a listen to these podcasts for helpful insights and information.

Heidi loves sharing information and coaching tips, check out these podcasts for more.
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The Canadian Podcast

Recently featured on The Canadian Podcast: Heidi Dinning on finding peace when leaving for a happy future.
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Unpacked Podcast

Recently Heidi was on the UNPACKED Podcast, in an episode about The power of communication and conflict resolution in divorce and co-parenting.

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Parlay Podcast Pt. 1

Listen to Heidi break down what a Certified Divorce Coach is, how the process of engaging with her works, and why it can be a very helpful tool during a very challenging time.

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Parlay Podcast Pt. 2

Part two of the Parlay podcast with Heidi Dinning. Discussing how the divorce coaching process works and how to use each resource.

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Blog Content

Heidi has written a number of blogs that you can find on this website and she has also shared blogs on other websites you can check out as well. Here are some links to her work.

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Heidi Dinning is a licenced practitioner of the New Ways For Families Coaching program