Building your Blended Family

You’ve come through the process of divorce and you’ve met your new life partner. You are in love, ready to take the plunge and move in together. You picture The Brady Bunch, feeling like everyone is going to love this idea and be ok with it. But are they? Are they ready? Are you?

Blending a family takes a tremendous amount of love, patience, clear communication, more patience, understanding and selflessness and there are reasons why . It is a monumental effort for the parents, and a large adjustment for the children. If you approach it the right way, with tools in your tool belt, a blended family can not only work, it can thrive.

Heidi can help you and your blended family by:

  • Being your thinking partner to ensure the decision of when the most appropriate time to blend your families is accurate 
  • Coaching you to empathize and look at each child with eyes wide open, evaluate concerns
  • Working with you to ensure you have an appropriate schedule that works for you, your partner, all the children as well as the other parents to minimize conflict.
  • Coaching you to get organized and plan for any professional discussions that might be required such as with your lawyer or parenting coordinator
  • Ensure you and your partner establish clear and appropriate communication tools between members of the family including blended family meetings, biological family time, and individual needs within the family dynamic
  • Helping you set up your blended family ecosystem for success
  • Age appropriate and consistent rules of the household
  • Reality test situations, allowing you to truly see and understand what the dynamic will be in the household.