Why Heidi

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Find echoes of another person in yourself.

That’s empathy.

It’s Heidi’s gift of human connection that sets her apart. She has a unique ability to identify with people almost instantly and an intimate desire to help them find their best path forward. Her true heart and clear mind in the moment are the reasons why clients love working with her.

Heidi also has a lifetime of lived experience with divorce, both from a child’s perspective when her parents divorced, and her own divorce ten years ago.

She watched her parents unravel, and then battled through a high conflict divorce, always feeling there was no where to turn in those moments where support was most needed.

Family and friends can only go so far. Where was the guide, the thinking partner, the person to walk beside you when you’re a shell of yourself? Heidi’s lived experience created a fire within her to find a way to help others walking that bewildering, confusing and difficult path. That’s what motivated her to complete her certifications in Divorce Coaching, Recovery Coaching, Co-parenting Coaching, all while using her natural intuitions, communications expertise and emotional intelligence to create a safe space for those in need.

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Heidi’s professional experience spans over decades in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, raising millions of dollars for Canadian charities including the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Alberta Cancer Foundation and the University of Calgary.

Heidi made a career pivot at 40 and is now a CDC®Certified Divorce Coach and CDC®Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach. She is a Parenting Without Conflict – New Ways For Families® Licensed Practitioner, a Family & Relationship Communications Strategist and a Certified Pre-Mediation Coach.

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Heidi’s passion for the community is also apparent in her volunteer work. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Lionheart Foundation, an organization in support of adolescent mental health, is a community volunteer for Inn From the Cold and Meals on Wheels.

Heidi is the mother of two daughters, a stepdaughter and a stepson. Growing a blended family has given her even more experience with effective communications in high-stakes and emotional situations.

Heidi loves spending her time in the mountains with her family and close friends. She is an avid skier, hiker, water lover, voracious reader and is known for rallying her people into crazy games with the ultimate goal of serious belly laughs.

With deep experience, natural insight and trained coaching frameworks and methods to support her clients discover their wants and desires, Heidi helps clients create a roadmap for the ultimate life they have always dreamed. She believes and has helped many find their best on the other side. She did.

“Heidi asked me all the right questions at all the right times. She listened to my needs and knew how to lead me to my own best answers with grace, wit and comraderie. She helped me tease out really clear next steps during each and every session, which felt amazing because at the beginning of my sessions, I always showed up feeling so overwhelmed. Nothing about working with her felt forced. She’s an easy, thoughtful brilliant person and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”